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Bamboo Play Trays


"Play is the work of the child.”

Maria Montessori

Play Trays Keep Pieces Together

Our Maria Montessori quote Play Trays are the perfect Montessori tool. Whether it’s a homeschool set up, a classroom or a playroom, these personalised engraved trays provide a handy isolated area for a child to concentrate and keep all the pieces of her task together. 📚

Homemade Montessori Activities and Games

The trays can also be used to create mini-tasks or games for children to keep them focused, like the magnet game I created for Benedykt. The game is really quite simple and can be used with any items you have lying around. You will of course need a magnet. I picked up ours here but they are readily available anywhere.

I cut a sticky label in half and stuck them down to the tray, one in each half. I then wrote “Yes” or “No” (in answer to the question, “Is it magnetic?”) using a Sharpie. I then gathered a few recognisable items from around our living room and placed them randomly on the tray. I invited Benedykt over to have a look and I showed him how the magnet works. Now this was a really beautiful moment for Benedykt because magnets are really a little bit of magic in the eyes of a toddler! He was absolutely fascinated and delighted to witness how the metal objects almost jumped onto the magnet.

Benedykt and Sylvester - Montessori Bamboo Play Trays

At this age and stage, I didn’t feel the need to go into too much detail. I simply told him that metal objects are attracted to the magnet, while other materials, like woods and plastics are not. He was satisfied with this knowledge, and set about categorising the items in the “yes” or “no” area.

The magnet is a great tool I take out with us, if ever we need to go somewhere that Benedykt might be expected to wait. For example, in waiting rooms for medical appointments or more recently when we have been visiting schools. I’ll present his magnet so that he can set about identifying the materials in the room while we wait.