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Discovering the Child Conference 2021

Partnering with Discovering the Child Conference

I am proud to be sponsoring the Discovering the Child Conference 2021, brought to you by The Prepared Montessorian.

What is a Montessori Conference?

As a Montessori mum myself, I am very much looking forward to the conference. If you have never “attended” an online conference before, let me tell you why they’re great! If you’re wanting to learn from the best Montessorians around the world, you may well have conducted many internet searches trying to look for the best information to help you with key topics in your parenting journey. The best thing about a conference is that all of this information is accessible to you, all in one place. Not only this, but the content you will have access to is a collection of material, live videos and interactive sessions that you would otherwise have to book and pay separately for.

What do you get in the Discovering the Child Ticket Price?

The ticket price for the Discovering the Child conference enables you to access all of this content from the day of the conference and for 2 weeks after. That way you’ll have time to either watch along live, or download and save for later use. The entry price is such a small comparable figure if you take into consideration the separate amounts you would need to pay to hear the speakers individually!

When, why, how, where, WHO?

The Discovering the Child conference is happening on 26th June 2021. The conference will host over 10,000 users and you’ll be able to connect to these people as part of the worldwide Montessorian community, all coming together to honour and continue the work of Maria Montessori that we all value so much! The idea behind convening this way between teachers, caregivers and parents is so that we can achieve the beauty of these natural collaborations by engaging in conversation and making discoveries, all with an aim to learn from each other and help our children achieve great things in their education. 

There are many, many fantastic speakers in the line up – too many to mention here. Do head over to the main website to get a taste of what is in store.

  • Bill Conway, AMI administrator & Course Trainer
Bill Conway The Discovering the Child Montessori Conference
Joel Mendez The Prepared Montessori
Ashley Yeh The Hapa Family

I am absolutely thrilled to be sponsoring the event this year. The speakers are absolutely expert in their area and all have a common passion for the method that Maria Montessori brought together. 

FREE ticket & Benedykt & Sylvester Giveaway!

If you are a Benedykt & Sylvester Subscription Box subscriber, you will have automatically received your FREE conference ticket. If you didn’t manage to get a subscription (we sold out super fast!), then you will still have an opportunity to get free entry to the conference over on my Instagram soon. Before the conference there will be the chance to win a Montessori Wooden Map of the World set, complete with Montessori Learning Tiles of the continents AND a FREE Discovering the Child Conference Ticket. Be sure to follow me on Instagram so you don't miss that. Then:

More Montessori Prizes

At the conference, there will be further opportunities to win lots of other prizes! Such as:

Really looking forward to seeing you there!

Brittany :)