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Getting Dressed

Getting dressed at 20 months old is no easy feat. This is Sylvester getting dressed by himself (as much as he can) in front of his wardrobe we made from an IKEA Kallax and an IKEA 50cm clothing rail. It is such an easy hack to do to offer your child independence in accessing their own clothing.

Sylvester entered into a dressing schema shortly after turning 17 months old. I helped him along with his new insisting of trying to do these complex tasks by himself. It is really important to slow things right down when your child enters into an intensive period of interest. This is when the brain is repeating or becoming obsessed with certain aspects of life or tasks (like when they want to climb the stairs over and over!). At first I would slip Sylvester's t shirt over his head and then guide his arm through verbally before physically intervening. It is most important to respect your child's autonomy by always asking if they need your help first- and remembering to respect their response. Watching their frustration can bring frustration for you, but have patience, since frustration is a great way to build confidence and a greater sense of achievement when the task is done.

Above is Sylvester at 22 months and you can see his progress!