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HowApp - My Parenting Story | A New Platform for Montessori Inspiration

HowApp - Have you downloaded it yet?

HowApp is a fantastic app for sharing and learning all about Montessori Parenting. It was created by a young family that enjoyed using social media to learn how they could further support their son during their new parenting journey together. But, they quickly learned some of the limitations of some of the most popular social media apps. So, they came up with HowApp - a safe and secure space online designed just for parents to share, learn and enhance their parenting journey.

HowApp - My Parenting Journey

What is HowApp?

Simply, HowApp is:

  • A social app for parents
  • To share your activities and experiences
  • To tell your parenting story

HowApp - My Parenting Story

HowApp is designed just for parents to use as:

  • parenting guide
  • source of inspiration
  • activity finder
  • activity log and diary
  • a platform to share your own ideas/pictures

Why I love HowApp

When I found HowApp, I knew I was going to love it. Since I had my first son in 2016, I have pretty much exclusively used my private social media platforms for parenting advice, inspiration and to learn about Maria Montessori. 

As a new mum, I completely lost all time for reading parenting books, and I found that taking in bitesize information online was definitely more useful to me. I love that HowApp is dedicated to helping parents navigate those tough years of adjustment. 

Find Benedykt & Sylvester on HowApp Here!

Sylvester on HowApp

The Team Behind HowApp

HowApp's management team are wonderful. They really care about their users and they are constantly working on updates to make the app work better for the parents that use it. I love that they listen to their customers.

HowApp - My Parenting Story


Click here to download HowApp for iPhone

Click here to download HowApp for Android