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Magnifying Glasses and Minibeasts

Outdoor Activities During "Lockdown"

Easter, April 2020, we are now coming to the end of the 3rd week of our national “lockdown”. The weather is getting better, so we are able to spend good chunks of our day outside. We only have a small garden, and there’s not much in the way of wildlife, but we have a few abandoned plant pots, that the boys noticed had some resident creepy crawlies.

Benedykt and Sylvester - Montessori Magnifying Glasses and Minibeasts


Bamboo Magnifying Glasses

This was a perfect introduction of our Personalised Bamboo Magnifying Glasses, which are available in our online shop. The boys spent hours yesterday uncovering minibeasts under stones and amongst the weeds. You really don’t need a lovely garden paraded with beautiful flowers to find a few interesting insects.

We came across woodlouse, mostly, but we were also graced with the presence with earthworms, honey bees, bumble bees and a butterfly. We recently invested in this book from the RSPB, which is a really nicely laid out collection of English garden insects with realistic illustrations. I bought it because a few weeks ago Benedykt and I were having a conversation about bees, and that bumblebees are not the manufacturers of the honey he enjoys on his toast. Something I’d not really considered before then!

Benedykt and Sylvester - Montessori Magnifying Glasses and Minibeasts

Benedykt is coming up to 3.5 so his interest in nature and hunting for minibeasts is really accelerating now just in time for the spring. The magnifying glass is making that interest stick around, as he has a tool to inspect the creatures. Over the next few weeks I think I’ll be spending more time planning activities for him, where we may capture some insects for individual inspection before releasing them back into the garden.

Benedykt and Sylvester - Montessori Magnifying Glasses and Minibeasts

Age to Introduce Practical Tools like the Magnifying Glass

Sylvester will be 2 this June and he’s largely interested in whatever Benedykt is doing, but at a slightly different level. He has been enjoying pointing out creatures he sees walking on the ground. He also likes to hold his magnifying glass, although he hasn’t quite worked out the best angle to hold it, and keeps it on his face!

Our magnifying glasses are made from beautiful strong natural bamboo and are the perfect size for little hands. At only £13.99 including free personalisation, they’re an absolute bargain!

Benedykt and Sylvester - Montessori Magnifying Glasses and Minibeasts