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March's Montessori Subscription Box - The Farm

Our Montessori subscription boxes offer parents a variety of materials and activities that can help foster their child's creativity, independence, and love of learning. They are also a great way for parents to have all of the Montessori learning materials they need right at their disposal.

Each month, the Benedykt & Sylvester Montessori subscription box delivers a diverse selection of Montessori activities connected with a new subject for you and your child to enjoy at home.

March’s Montessori subscription box contents:

Teaching children about the farm is an excellent way of stimulating their minds and helping them learn. The activity pack provides a perfect opportunity to teach children about life cycles, animal behaviour, and more. 

With this month's Montessori learning materials, children will learn about the various stages of an animal's life, from newborn to adult. It also identifies how animals contribute to our survival by providing us with goods that may assist us in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The theme for March's subscription box is based on the farm, and it has a fantastic selection of learning materials to explore, which include: 

  • Wooden learning tiles introducing children to different animals

  • Information sheets covering topics such as ‘the life cycle of a chicken’ and ‘how milk is made’

  • Number and Writing activities

  • Physical activities - can you waddle like a duck or leap like a horse?

These educational tools aimed at children aged three to six years old feature high-quality, multi-sensory learning that encourages your child's imagination and engages them in enjoyable play.

March's farm-themed subscription box is shipping now, so sign up today to make sure you don't miss out!