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Montessori Parenting Blogs

One of the most common questions I hear in the Montessori community is “Where can I learn more about Montessori?” Well, there are plenty of books available from the original works of Maria Montessori herself, to other parenting guide books. However in my personal experience as a Montessori mum myself, the best way I have learned (other than on-the-job!) is through watching and reading how other families really do it.

The Best Montessori Parenting Blogs

I have put together this blog post to sign post you to a few of my much-loved bloggers who aren’t afraid to show you Montessori parenting in real life. The best thing about following REAL families who blog about their life is that it removes the Instagram-perfect or textbook appearance that are there to sell you stuff. Montessori is not just an educational method but for many families it’s a way of life.

Montessori Way of Life

There are many misconceptions about Montessori, and one of those myths is that Montessori is a rigid all-or-nothing technique. WRONG. Montessori is very much take what works and run with it. You must never feel pressured to do something out of your comfort zone or especially what doesn’t feel right. Remember, Maria Montessori devised her method from working with children in educational settings, and therefore we should always remember this when applying the principles in the home.

That’s why I have always favoured seeing the practise of Montessori happening in real life and why I got so much out of these blogs:

Montessori at Home UK

This blog is run by mum, Kimberley and she blogs about parenting her lovely son Arlo. What I love about Kimberley’s blog is that it’s a fresh of breath air to see some normality on the internet! The very reason Kimberley started her blog is because she couldn’t find any relatable Montessori families online. I have to agree with her, sometimes Montessori gets a bad name for being so picture-perfect on Pinterest and Instagram! 

My 3 top posts from Kimberley are:

20 Questions to Ask Your Child about their Day

I love this post. My mum’s always said to me, “Never ask them ‘What did you do today?’ because they’ll never answer it” That’s because the child did so much in the day, that how can they possibly answer that question? Children need to learn conversational skills, so instead of opening the conversation in the afternoon with “What did you do?” Kimberley offers 20 perfect ideas of how to get more from that all-important daily debrief, for your benefit and your child’s! 

The Ultimate Guide to Montessori Toys and Activities by Age

This is such a good blog for reference about what you can do with your child every day if you want to make sure you’re doing it “The Montessori Way”. Kimberley lays out her blog very clearly, and even links to products, items and ideas of things that you can be doing with your child – best of all, she even puts it into age categories so you can skip right to the age, by months, that you are looking for. Genius!

How You Can Get Started with Montessori – TODAY

We all need a starting point, and this blog helps any beginner get started. No need to wait, let’s just START. I recommend this blog for anyone that is feeling overwhelmed by the concept of Montessori. Less reading, and more doing!

Montessori at Home 3 to 6

Montessori at Home

This blog is a relatively new blog and it is run by a couple of friends of mine, who are both Montessori mums with a background of working in Montessori classrooms. Their new blog is a great space where they are sharing their wisdom, experience and favourite Montessori tips. 

My top 3 Montessori at Home Blogs:

Freedom within Limits 

A popular misconception about the Montessori method is that Montessori kids aren’t taught boundaries. This is absolutely not true, because children need boundaries to make them feel safe and secure. Jude does a fantastic job of explaining what Maria Montessori spoke about surrounding children’s freedoms and control.


Something that is very easy to overlook is simply taking a step back and observing your child, first and foremost, before trying to intervene. Mie gives an overview of the importance of observation in both the classroom and at home, and also explains HOW to do it, as it may or may not come naturally to some parents. 

What to Expect – 3 to 6 Years 

Mie explains what you can expect from a 3 to 6 year old, and compares how a Montessori classroom would look compared to a home. You’ll be surprised what is expected – it’s not all academia: writing and activities. It’s much more than that!

How We Montessori 

My other favourite Montessori blogger is Kylie at How We Montessori. Kylie has been blogging her Montessori way for many years, and her youngest son, Otto, is now 3.5. I have gotten SO much joy and inspiration from watching her family grow. Kylie sends out regular meaty & informative blogs with beautiful bright & clear photos (it helps that she now lives back in Australia – jealous!). Kylie offers her top picks from IKEA once in a while which is always great because who doesn’t love a good IKEA haul – especially us Montessori mums!! 

My top 3 How We Montessori Blogs:

The Benefits of Using Visual Timers with Children

If you have a toddler, then you’ll know that they struggle with the concept of time and waiting. When we got a visual timer, it was a game changer! Benedykt was able to visually see the time passing as the blue section passed around the clock face. Kylie talks about the benefits of such visual timers in this blog.

Notes to a Montessori Parent

I love this blog post because it’s a short and simple reminder to “keep it simple”. Adults can very easily overcomplicate the little stuff for little people. Sometimes just one word is enough. Often, showing is better than telling. Check it out.

Toddler Snack Making

This blog post from Kylie has a few suggestions of simple snacks that toddlers can prepare for themselves. It reminds me of how capable our children are, if we take a back seat and let them try in a pressure free and untimed moment.

I've found Montessori blogs the best way to learn and get inspiration for things to do with my own children. 

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