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Montessori Placemat Cleaning

Additional Uses for Our Montessori Placemats

Our beautiful solid wood personalised Montessori placemats bring a brilliant opportunity for a really lovely Montessori activity that you and your child(ren) can enjoy together at home. 🧽

Benedykt and Sylvester - Montessori Placemat Cleaning

Maria Montessori said children love "Real Work"

Children love to be involved in “real work” as Maria Montessori observed: tasks like polishing, cleaning, maintenance and repair. 🧼

This reminded me that it was a prime opportunity to teach Benedykt and Sylvester how I maintain their personalised wooden placemats. Now we regularly “paint” and polish their placemats using their personalised children’s paintbrushes available here, and they look marvellous! 🌟

The Joy is in the Achievement

The boys were so proud of themselves because the task was not only fun, but they saw the end result, teaching them pride and responsibility of their belongings. I know they’ll be looking forward to the next time we do it. We used coconut oil, so it’s entirely safe for the boys to use this. Coconut oil has antibacterial properties, making it ideal for any type of wooden cutting board or something that comes into contact with food. 🌈

Benedykt and Sylvester - Montessori Placemat Cleaning