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Useful Glass Jugs/Pitchers

Children seek independence from a very early age, and having a prepared environment really helps children feel a little more in control of their small life. Imagine being so desperate to take control of your own breakfast, but the milk jug is just too heavy, or your inability to stop pouring the milk in your bowl makes so much mess your mum or dad get cross. This situation can cause a lot of stress! So, to facilitate your child's ability to be independent at these times, I highly recommend getting a small jug or pitcher to help.

It may seem like a pointless exercise, and one worth skipping, because it just adds to the washing up. However, a little task like this can really empower a child as it gives them a great sense of achievement. All they see is that they are able to fill their own bowl/cup with no adult intervention and it is thrilling!

In the first stages of this process, your child will unlikely have the ability to recognise when they must stop pouring. These little glass jugs are the perfect size for small hands, and therefore are lightweight. No heavy lifting required! They only hold 100-250ml, so the adult can pour the required amount of milk/juice ahead of time so that the child doesn't overfill their bowl/cup.

The small 250ml glass jug in the video above is like this one.

Other jugs I recommend as the child's ability to control their pouring increases with practise, you can introduce a larger pitcher. The one Benedykt and Sylvester are using below to pour their apple juice is available here from Amazon. This one comes with a lid, which is somewhat helpful as it stops most of the liquid being spilled in the event.