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Tree Nation Scheme
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At Benedykt & Sylvester, we are committed to environmentally friendly
practises and we want to offer something back to our Earth. So, for
every order we receive, we plant a tree in our Forest with Tree-Nation.
Tree-Nation is a reforestation platform that enable companies like us to
offer our customers trees to plant in forests all around the world. We
think planting trees is one of the best ways we can help towards a
solution to the problem of deforestation, (responsible for about 20% of
all climate change emissions) as it’s one of the most efficient solutions
to fight climate change.
Upon placing an order, you will receive an email from our partner, TreeNation, with instructions on how you can add your tree to our forest. To
view our forest, click the link below.

For more ways Benedykt & Sylvester aims to give back to the Earth and
keep our practises protective of the environment, view our
Sustainability Policy here.