Montessori Subscription Box by Benedykt & Sylvester

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Montessori Subscription Box

What are Subscription Boxes Benedykt & Sylvester?

Our Montessori subscription boxes are designed to give you a wide range of activities surrounding a different topic every month for you to enjoy with your child. The boxes are designed to easily store, access and navigate, with a good balance of paper, card and wooden materials, you will love to explore each topic again and again with these comprehensive packs.Click here for Montessori Subscription Box options!

Montessori Subscription Boxes in the UK!

We know good quality, lasting Montessori aligned materials are few and far between in the United Kingdom, so we are proud to be bringing to the table these comprehensive Montessori Subscription Boxes to our homeland customers, as well as shipping internationally.

Subscription Boxes – What is included in Benedykt & Sylvester’s?

Every month is a different topic, but every box has an activity pack full of a range of different things to do such as colouring, cutting out, tracing, counting, writing, reading and crafting. All boxes have a tin of Word Tiles, and Levels 2 and 3 have Montessori Learning Tiles amongst other supplementary materials made exclusively for the subscription boxes.

What are the benefits of signing up to a subscription box service?

Imagine a world where you didn’t have to worry about preparing in advance a topic of information, activities and other learning resources for your child each time you wanted to embark on a new learning adventure for them.

1. Subscription Boxes are Time-Saving

Firstly, the time it takes to research the topic yourself is vast, then you need to spend time finding the right type of learning resources that you can print at home. Then you have to spend time prepping those downloads: printing, laminating, folding, cutting etc so that the activities are ready for your child to do. Subscription boxes arrive to your door ready to roll. Benedykt & Sylvester Montessori subscription boxes arrive to your door packaged beautifully ready to be opened and worked through. We have designed our boxes so that they are easy to navigate, because we know how overwhelming educating little ones can be. Our paper activity packs are numbered so you can stay on track, using the activity guide included monthly to help you go through the material.

2. Subscription Boxes are Money Saving

Learning resources are precious. When you search the internet for good quality material to use to teach your child, you are actually looking for work that has been curated by someone out there. Admittedly, there are many kind people out there that have taken the time to create resources and put them out there for you to download for free, but these are rare. Good quality, reliable research takes time, and so good quality teaching materials are very valuable and usually you have to pay £1-£15 for just one downloadable resource. Then, printing and preparing the materials yourself at home incurs other costs like stationery, lamination, folders etc. 

3. Subscription Boxes are Quality 

When you sign up to a Montessori subscription box, you know you won’t have to spend time looking for internet content that could potentially be unreliable. With Benedykt & Sylvester Montessori subscription boxes, you know that the content has been written and edited by professionals for the exact purpose of educating 3-6 year olds. Not only is the information in the subscription boxes factual and reliable, but it is also written for the age range of your child. 

4. Subscription Boxes are Easy

Possibly the best reason to sign up to a subscription box is that they are so easy. With a few clicks, you can sign up to the plan of your choice. Once you’ve done that, you’ll receive your first box within a few weeks and hey-presto! it’s time to start fuss-free learning! Unless you’d like to switch your subscription level, you won’t need to contact us again, as the payment will be recurring at the interval you chose (1, 2 or 3-monthly). You’ll get your box delivered frequently, and each one will offer a whole bundle of new material and fun activities for you and your child to work through; it’s as easy as that. When the time feels right, cancelling is also easy; you can just cancel your next payment with PayPal, no hard feelings at all!

How Can I Sign Up to Receive Benedykt & Sylvester Subscription Boxes?

It’s as easy as clicking here and choosing the option best suited to you. If you need any help deciding, contact us.

Have more questions about our Montessori Subscription Box? See our FAQ here!