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About Us

I'm Brittany, 30, mum of 3. I started "Benedykt & Sylvester Ltd", named after my boys, in September 2019 when I began to design items that my children would benefit from in our Montessori-inspired home. We now have a huge range of unique learning materials in the shop, so take a look around. If you would like to ask a question, please contact us and I'll personally get back to you within 24hrs. To get to know us better, read the blog here.

Designed with children in mind
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Perfect for little hands & inquisitive minds
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Innovative & original designs
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Quality wood & professional engraving

Maria Montessori

Montessori was an Italian doctor with a great interest in education. She developed an innovative group of principles that bring the best out of a young child, helping them to grow into a happy adult with a great knowledge and understanding of their own self.

Important Principles of the Montessori Method:
· A Prepared Environment
· Practical Life Materials
· Tools that Aid Independence
· Freedom of Choice and Time
· Natural level of Self-Discipline

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Inspired Designs

All of the products we sell are designed by me, Benedykt and Sylvester's mum, with my children at the heart of the concept. Read about the process of design and manufacturer here. You can find us on Instagram or Facebook to follow our journey!

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