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Montessori Subscription Boxes by Benedykt & Sylvester

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Our Montessori subscription boxes are designed to give you a wide range of activities surrounding a different topic every month for you to enjoy with your child. The boxes are designed to easily store, access and navigate, with a good balance of paper, card and wooden materials. You will love to explore each topic again and again with these comprehensive packs!

For children aged 3-6 years
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Worldwide Service
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Exclusive premium materials
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2 year cycle (24 boxes)
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A Montessori Subscription Box for Every Budget

Our Montessori Learning Tiles™ are a premium educational product made from quality oak faced wood, designed in and handmade in the United Kingdom. To accommodate everyone, there are three tiers to choose from:

Basic Subscription box

Basic Subscription

  • Benedykt & Sylvester Written Activity Pack with 10-20 activities

  • Tin of Wooden Topic Words/Equivalent Wooden Element

  • Exclusive Facebook Group membership for tips & recommendations

  • Free Delivery

Advanced Subscription box

Advanced Subscription

  • Benedykt & Sylvester Written Activity Pack with 10-20 activities

  • Tin of Wooden Topic Words

  • Exclusive Facebook Group membership for tips & recommendations

  • A pack of Montessori Learning Tiles™ worth £37.99

  • Free Delivery

Premium Subscription - body

Premium Subscription

  • Benedykt & Sylvester Written Activity Pack with 10-20 activities

  • Tin of Wooden Topic Words

  • Exclusive Facebook Group membership for tips & recommendations

  • A pack of Montessori Learning Tiles™ worth £37.99

  • 2-Part Montessori Learning Tiles™ worth £42.99

  • Tin of Sight Words to collect throughout your subscription

  • Supplementary exclusive materials such as craft items and specialist educational equipment e.g. dice, stencils, crayons, wooden cut outs (every month will be different)

  • Free Delivery

Past Boxes

If you missed them, you can see if we have any available here. If they’re out of stock, don’t worry, we have a 24 month cycle so they will become available again in the future!

View Past Boxes

Subscription Boxes FAQ

How much are the subscription boxes?

There are 3 tiers of subscription to suit every budget. Click here to see the options.

What age are the subscription boxes for?

The boxes are aimed at ages 3-6 years. For safety, our boxes should not be used by children under 3 as they contain small parts. Montessori Learning Tiles are CE compliant, but other materials made especially for the boxes are for education and demonstration only. Full adult supervision is needed when using the boxes.

When do the subscription boxes launch?

We will be taking sign-ups from May 2021. Customers that sign up then will receive the very first box, which will be shipped by 10th June 2021. Payments taken in June will be for the second box, shipped by 10th July 2021, and so on.

How much is delivery?

We incorporate the shipping costs into the price of the box so there are no extra charges. This includes the international subscription prices.

Is this a rental subscription or can I keep the materials we receive in each subscription box?

You get to keep everything! That’s what makes our subscription boxes great value for money.

Do you ship to x, y, z?

We ship all over the world.

Will I be charged import duty?

Import duty & customs fees: these charges depend on the country you are buying from and are always the responsibility of the buyer. Please check your government website for accurate and up-to-date information. As a UK company, Benedykt & Sylvester cannot advise on the requirements and thresholds for your individual country. It is not possible for us to cover these fees on your behalf.

Is there a minimum term to sign up?

No, there is no minimum term or contract to sign up. You can unsubscribe after the first box.

Can I just buy a one-off box?

At the present moment, if you only want one box, you must sign up to receive one box, then cancel your subscription if you don’t want to receive any more boxes. If there are any boxes left over each month, they will be listed here. But these are not guaranteed and will only be available if there were any slots left over in one particular month. To guarantee your box, signing up is the best option to avoid disappointment.

I missed a particular topic; can I receive that previous topic as part of my subscription?

When you sign up, your first box will be the box that we are shipping out in that month. You will not be able to order previous/past topics as part of your subscription. To get your hands on previous topics, you might be able to buy them as one-offs if there are any left over. There are 24 topics, so we won’t return to a topic until we have been through the first cycle.

What topics will there be?

We will be following the topics of our current Montessori Learning Tiles range. The topics are in no particular order. The next month’s topic will be released ahead of time so you know which one will be on the way to you. The very first topic is Footprints.

Is this subscription only for Montessori children?

Firstly, we don’t believe that there is such a thing as a Montessori children! Our boxes, like all of our products, are designed with the Montessori principles in mind. However, we believe our boxes are perfect for any child as they are jam-packed full of fun activities, ideas and crafts.

Do you offer other languages like you do in the main Montessori Learning Tiles range?

At present we only offer our Subscription Boxes in English language. If you would like your Montessori Learning Tiles in another language, please contact me before subscribing.

What’s in each box?

Every month is a different topic, but every box will have an activity pack full of a range of different things to do such as colouring, cutting out, tracing, counting, writing, reading and crafting. All boxes will have a tin of Word Tiles, and levels 2 and 3 will have Montessori Learning Tiles amongst other supplementary materials made exclusively for the subscription boxes.

I’ve got a discount code; can I use it on my subscription?

At this time, we do not offer discounts on our subscription boxes. This is because they are already priced very competitively and are really excellent value for money. You won’t be disappointed!

If I place an order of other items with my subscription, will everything arrive together?

If the timing of your order is conveniently in line with the latest subscription box release, we will dispatch your items together. Otherwise, they will arrive in separate packages.

I’m an international customer, can you put all 3 of my boxes in one larger box?

Our subscription boxes are designed to be one-topic-per-box, so they will arrive in 3 boxes attached together. If you Contact Us we will be able to arrange the content of your 3 boxes to be packaged in to one box. This will help us to be less wasteful.

Can I print some of the activity pack content at home?

We offer PDF downloadable files for subscription members only to download additional copies of the activities. These are available in the shop.

I’m not a subscriber, but I am interested in downloading the activity pack. Can I do this?

At the moment we do not offer our downloadable activity packs to non-subscribers. In the future we will be releasing different downloadable content in the shop. Watch out for those, and make sure you subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to know when those launch.

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