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Introducing Otylia Demelza

Introducing Otylia Demelza

We welcomed Benedykt and Sylvester's little sister into the world this week, on Tuesday 25th August 2020, weighing 8lbs 12oz. She was born in the early hours at home, in the presence of Sylvester - all while Benedykt slept soundly upstairs.

Otylia is pronounced Ot - Till - Ee - Ah, and she has her late aunty's name as her middle name, Demelza.

Benedykt and Sylvester are thrilled to have a sister, and show her nothing but affection. They both ask to cuddle her several times a day and they place toys around her while she is in her basket.

Stay tuned for how we Montessori from newborn in the coming weeks.