Wooden Phonics Learning – Early Years Reading English Language – Complete Beginners Set


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Wooden Phonics Learning – Complete Beginners Set

This premium quality set includes 188 wooden tiles featuring all initial phonic sounds for beginner’s English. We have divided the set into 4 phases so that it is easy for you to digest and use the materials with your child.

Phase 1 – 31 Initial Sounds

s, a, t, o, i, n, m, d, g, p, c, k, ck, e, u, r, h, b, f, ff, l, ll, ss, j, v, w, x, y, z, zz, qu

Phase 2 – Digraphs, Trigraphs & Graphemes (38 tiles)

ch, sh, th, ng, nk, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure, er

ay, ou, ie, ea, oy, ir, ue, aw, wh, ph, ew, oe, au, e_e, a_e, i_e, o_e, u_e

Phase 3 – 48 Decodable Sight Words

it, as, is, in, an, at, dad, and, on, get, got, can,

him, had, not, up, big, but, put, if, mum, back, off, for

see, will, that, then, this, them, with, now, down, out, her

went, from, help, egg, end, best, just, still, miss, think, thing

Phase 4 – 72 Common Sight “Tricky” Words

I, the, he, she, me, we, be, was, to, do, are, all, you, your, come, some, said,

here, there, they, go, no, so, my, one, by, only, old, like, have, live, give, little,

down, what, when, why, where, who, which, any, many, more, before, other,

were, because, want, saw, could, should, would, right, two, four, goes, does,

made, their, once, upon, always, also, of, eight, love, cover, after, every, mother, father

This listing is for ALL 4 phases listed above: 188 individual tiles. Each phase arrives in its own canvas bag (you will receive 4 canvas bags). 

If you only need one phase, you can find the phases listed separately here.

UCKA/CE compliance: All our oak faced wood and UV inks are CE compliant for mouthing babies. This set is not advised for young children under 3 due to small parts.

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