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Sustainability Policy


We will work hard to maintain high environmentally friendly standards in all areas of our company for a better planet.


Our approach to business is guided by commitments to the following principles: Transparency, Integrity, Continuous Improvement and Customer Satisfaction.

Important Issues

Our business faces many challenges and opportunities. Due to their direct impact on us and our customers, we have prioritized the following issues that need to be addressed: Health and safety for staff and customers, climate change, recycling and reducing waste.


We are committed to sourcing materials, -and suppliers whom use materials, that are naturally sustainable due to comparatively rapid regrowth.

Our Commitment & Scope

• We acknowledge we have limited influence over third parties whose events we may attend but do not organize, such as trade shows where we exhibit. While we cannot control the decisions of these parties, we commit to educate them of our policy and encourage them to align operating practices with policy objectives.

• Our attention to environmental, social and economic responsibility includes working within the law and voluntarily exceeding legal requirements in order to be innovative and demonstrate leadership on the issues that are important to us and our customers. As we design products, organise events and evaluate our success we are able to choose every day in big and small ways how our actions and words build a better quality of life for our employees, clients and suppliers.

• This policy will apply to all events hosted by our organization. This is assumed to include
events we host and pay for, including sponsorships. Staff and contractors are expected to uphold objectives under this policy to the fullest extent possible within prevailing budgets. And to inform management of financial and other barriers to achieving goals.


We break down our key objectives by using the SMART technique: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely.
We commit to:

1. Minimize environmental impacts in the areas of waste, water, energy and air quality. kWh energy use at HQ: Reduce to under than 21,000 kWh this year.

2. Give back to communities by volunteering and donating resources. Donate a proportion of our profit to local churches

3. Ensure our supply chain has responsible social and environmental practices. Percentage of our suppliers used who meet company minimum sustainability guidelines: 90% of suppliers compliant.


1. We will externally report on our progress against these goals at least once a year.

2. Internal senior reviews will be held at least once a year.