Bees Activity Pack


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Bees Activity Pack

NB: This pack is fully digital – no physical product will be sent. Buy this activity pack with your Bee Identifier to SAVE!

With more than 7 activities:

  1. Benedykt & Sylvester DIY 3 Part Cards – Bees & other common flying insects
  2. Life Cycle of a Bee
  3. Bee or Wasp, or something else?
    1. Learn to distinguish the difference between bees and wasps
    2. Learn some other “bee mimicking” insects
  4. How to Draw a Bee
  5. Honey Bee Anatomy
    1. Learn the names of the parts of a bee (cutting & sticking)
  6. Bee True or False
    1. Some facts about bees
  7. Bee Tally Chart
  8. Beehives & Hexagons – Tessellation
    1. Discover the shapes used in beehives and why
    2. Recognise tessellating shapes and patterns
    3. Create your own tessellations


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