Brand New Montessori Subscription Boxes Out Now

October 2023: Land & Water

Digital Downloads

An educational activity pack in digital format for you to print and go, every month.

DIY 3-Part Cards
Matching, sorting, counting, reading, colouring, sequencing and more!




Printed folder with 20+ early learning activities

Including: 1x set of long-lasting 40% recycled plastic cards
FREE delivery*
Free digital copies in your account



Premium Wood

Printed folder with 20+ early learning activities

This month Including:
Wooden Montessori Learning TilesTM
Additional wooden craft butterfly
Specimen pot



Why people love their Benedykt & Sylvester subscriptions:

“The idea of education is to give to the child and to young people all the best that we have.”​

Maria Montessori

Benedykt & Sylvester was founded by a mum passionate about child development and Montessori education. Since 2019, Benedykt & Sylvester has been telling the world about Montessori, delivering thousands of inspiring learning resources to children all over the world.


There are 3 tiers of subscription to suit every budget. The paper activity packs are the same, but the amount of additional products you get inside your box depends on the level you subscribe to.
The boxes are aimed at ages 3-6 years inclusive. They contain activities ranging from matching to sequencing, counting to writing and reading. This means that one topic box will suit a child through several stages of development and abilities, or families with multiple children will find something for everyone in just one box. Because you get FREE digital copies, you will be able to print out extras for siblings and return to the box again and again! Our wooden Montessori Learning Tiles are CE compliant, but other materials made especially for the boxes may be for education and demonstration only, which is why we recommend starting from age 3. Full adult supervision is needed when using the boxes.
Benedykt & Sylvester Montessori Subscription Box launched in May 2021. We have a 24 month cycle, which you can sign up to at anytime. We send out the same topic to every subscriber each month. The cycle rotates, so if you missed a topic, it will come back around again.
We incorporate the shipping costs into the price of the box for UK and USA subscribers. If you are located somewhere else, then your subsidised shipping costs will be calculated at the checkout.
You get to keep everything! That’s what makes our subscription boxes great value for
Yes, we ship all over the world. Our boxes have so far been enjoyed by children on 5 continents! Signing up and purchasing is easy. Subscription to EU countries, however, is by application only. Please contact us if you are interested.
There is no contract. You can cancel after you’ve received the first box, or at any other time. You can manage your subscription by yourself, but if you are unsure, feel free to pop us an email.
If there are any boxes left over each month, they will be listed on the website in the main shop as
one-off past boxes. But these are not guaranteed and will only be available if there were any slots
left over in one particular month. To guarantee your box, signing up is the best option to
avoid disappointment.
When you sign up, your first box will be the box that we are shipping out in that month.
You will not be able to order previous/past topics as part of your subscription. To get
your hands on previous topics, you might be able to buy them as one-offs if there are
any left over. There are 24 topics, so a topic comes around every 2 years. We won’t make any extras, so grab them when you can.
We will be following the topics of our current Montessori Learning Tiles range. The
topics are in no particular order. The next month’s topic will be released ahead of time
so you know which one will be on the way to you. The very first topic is Footprints.
Firstly, we don’t believe that there is such a thing as a Montessori parent! Our boxes,
like all of our products, are designed with the Montessori principles in mind. However,
we believe our boxes are perfect for any child as they are jam-packed full of fun
activities, ideas and crafts.
At present we only offer our Subscription Boxes in English language. If you would like
your Montessori Learning Tiles in another language, please contact me before
subscribing. This is a chargeable service and is quoted on an individual basis, but the fees take into account design time and additional packing required.
Variety is the spice of life, so every month you will get a different topic with a range of resources. Every box will have an activity pack full of different things to do such as colouring, cutting out, tracing, counting, writing, reading
and crafting. You will also get additional high-quality, thoughtful and useful tools to aid learning. Examples of additional materials you can expect are: Montessori Learning Tiles, timepieces, measuring instruments, charts, puzzles, aprons and cooking utensils.
At this time, we do not offer discounts on our subscription boxes. This is because they
are already priced very competitively and are really excellent value for money. You
won’t be disappointed! Check out our reviews.

We are a UK company and our prices to international customers do not include taxes to international locations. However, whether you will be charged taxes on delivery of your item is dependent on your local customs laws. We supply all relevant customs information with your packages and we would encourage you to check with your local governments before ordering. Special circumstances to note: USA import threshold is $600 so it is unlikely that you will be charged any taxes. For Canada, Australia, Middle East and other destinations, please check your local customs threshold.

We have 2 shipping points within the UK and for this reason, sometimes orders can arrive in separate packages.

We are positive you’ll love your boxes, however if you need the details of our returns, please see our full policy here. Please contact us in advance before actioning a return. It is important to note that it is the subscriber’s responsibility to manage their subscription: shipping costs for returns requested in the event of a failure of the buyer to cancel before renewal are the responsibility of the buyer. 

Absolutely! You get FREE digital copies of the activity pack to ensure you get the maximum out of your subscription. We know toddlers LOVE repetition so yes, you can do our activities over and over again!
If you don’t want to receive physical deliveries, we offer a digital-only subscription! We also have some digital products in the shop. You can check those out here.

Terms & Conditions – for full terms, Click Here.
No contract necessary; cancel anytime. UK & USA shipping inclusive. Overseas shipping subsidised and calculated at checkout. Local taxes may be applied on delivery – please check with your local border office as all countries have different policies. Contents of each box are variable. Benedykt & Sylvester LTD offers a comprehensive thematic learning experience in every tier of subscription and the box contents have been planned with care and consideration, therefore, some months, regular content (e.g. cards/tiles) will be swapped out for something more suitable to the box topic but equivalent in value.