Statfold Country Park

What is Statfold?

Statfold Country Park is in my opinion the best hidden gem in the midlands. If you live within 90 mins, you have to make a day trip to enjoy the park because it has so much to offer for all the family. We are very fortunate to live only a few miles away from Statfold which is a good thing because we have found there is so much to do, we haven’t been able to fit it all in during our multiple recent visits.


Is there a railway museum at Statfold?

At its core, Statfold is and always will be a railway museum. They have a big collection of engines, and while they may not be the most famous, they are full size, original working engines from all over the world. What’s brilliant is that you can get right up close to most of them, and some are designated to be climbed into, too. All of them have information stations so Statfold also offers a huge learning experience for budding enthusiasts and old timers alike. You can read about their collection of engines here.

Additionally to the static wheelhouse inside the barn, there is a full-sized working railway on site, that takes visitors all around the park and you can ride as many times as you like (included in the admission price)! There are 4 stops: the gardens, the disco barn, the main complex & the new Fellumpa village. This is so much fun and so novel, and has all the expected vibes of the full steam railway era – so be prepared to get a sooty face!

Full Sized Railway (unlimited rides included)


Is Statfold Country Park a good price?

I can honestly say that the ticket price for Statfold is absolutely fair, as I really can’t express how much there is to do there. The entry price includes admission to the railway museum, real full size railway line (as many trips as you like), soft play & all the other attractions such as the VR experience, kids’ games, bouncy castles and swing carousel.

Reasonably priced ice cream!






Food & Drink at Statfold Country Park

Additionally, I find the food and drink on site are very reasonably priced. Generally when we take family days out, knowing how much the children get through, we take a packed lunch with snacks, but we were so pleased to find that we could comfortably purchase burgers and chips without feeling like we’d wasted money, which is a very rare thing these days!


Where is Statfold?

You can find Statfold a mere 8 miles away from another lovely, more well-known place – Twycross Zoo. So, if you are in the local area to see the animals, you should totally make a stop at Statfold, too! Officially the address comes under Ashby, but in actual fact the park is closer to Tamworth. You can find all the Visitor info here.







Can you go rock climbing at Statfold?

Within the (free) Toby’s Barn Soft Play, you’ll be able to purchase a separate ticket to the state of the art climbing wall, “Clip & Climb”. This is a very safe and professionally ran area, where anyone over the age of 4 will be given an allotted time, safety talk, harnessed and shown how to use the climbing wall.

We signed up both boys for a session, but Sylvester decided he wasn’t quite ready until the 3rd visit. Benedykt however surprised all of us and got straight on, and not only that, really focussing and persevering until he made it to the top.

This was so impressive, and what made it excellent was the encouragement of the very professional staff. You can tell that they have a) had thorough training and b) enjoy their work environment because they are very friendly, professional and great with the children.

Within Toby’s Barn Soft Play, a climbing wall for younger climbers (Click & Climb is for 4 years +)

















What kind of events are at Statfold?

Throughout the year, Statfold host several fun family events from seasonally themed days, to enthusiast clubs. Recently we attended their miniature steam event which was really fun for the children to see all of the different types of machines that can be powered by steam. We saw an organ which played music, we saw teddy monkeys riding bikes as well as the classic tractor engines. You can check out their events calendar here.

Statfold have recently launched their new attraction: Fellumpa Village. This takes you on a (train) journey to the magical land of the Fellumpa’s inside the Statfold Wood. The real train ride adds an extra special magic to this tale. Upon arrival at Fellumpa Village, you can get off the train to have a closer look at where the legendary creatures live and work in their mines. You can even try their tasty Fellumpa cake when you get back to the main park (it’s on sale in the shop)! 

Is Statfold good for kids?

Statfold Country Park is definitely worthy of some awards for family days out! Relatively undiscovered at the moment, Statfold definitely takes the prize for affordability, as well as quantity and quality of things to do for all the family. For little ones, there is an outdoor park with a wooden train and climbing frame, retro swing carousel (manned), there are some manual diggers, bouncy castles and more. If you need a more relaxed vibe, there are areas to sit and colouring materials are provided. 

Retro Roller for teens at Statfold Country Park

Yes! You don’t always have to go to a theme park to entertain your teens. Statfold has a Retro Roller skating disco ring, which is plenty of entertainment for older kids and teens. We didn’t try out this area as our kids are too little at the moment, but it certainly looked amazing. You can see more about the Retro Roller Disco here. This place is definitely a family attraction!

All in all, I am so happy to be sharing with you the lesser known Statfold as it has so much to offer – you will definitely have a lot of fun. They even offer educational visits for oganised groups (schools & home education). 

If you have been or visit Statfold in the future, let me know if you loved it too! For tickets, please book here or contact Statfold directly.