The Best Montessori Subscription Box in the UK!

“The best Montessori Subscription Box in the UK” 

That’s right! Last month, Independent Best Buy named us as the best Montessori Subscription Box in the UK and we still can’t get over the excitement! 

We sent our Premium Montessori subscription box to the Independent for their team of serious product testers to try out for themselves. They tried out our body themed box, which was out in January and we are overwhelmed with the amazing feedback. Of course, we believe that our products are fantastic, but it really is an honour to be recognised as the best Montessori Subscription Box in the UK!

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What the testers had to say about our Montessori subscription box

Here are some of the wonderful things that were said about our Montessori subscription box:

“Our testers couldn’t believe their eyes when they opened the premium “body” subscription box. It was absolutely packed with activities, but the stars of the show have to be the unique, handmade wooden learning tiles, detailing everything from the nervous system to the digestive system, in realistic detail.”

“Word and picture flashcards, puzzles, learning tiles; it’s all here and it undoubtedly has sparked a huge curiosity about the human body with our testers, so it’s done its job.”

“We found even our oldest tester was fascinated by the box and continued to learn from it”

What’s in our Montessori subscription box?

Our subscription boxes are packed with top quality Montessori learning materials that are designed to stimulate your child’s imagination and encourage multi-sensory learning. Each month is different; there’s a new theme and new activities. A typical Montessori subscription box will include:

  • Wooden Montessori learning tiles with printed images to match the theme of the month
  • An activity pack with information sheets and cards with writing, spelling and sequencing activities
  • A themed wooden puzzle to practice fine motor skills

Why we are the Best Montessori Subscription Box in the UK

All of our products are designed by our founder, Brittany, and inspired by her lovely children. 

Often when Brittany is interacting with her children, she will have an “aha!” moment and a new product idea will pop into her head. This is usually the start of something great! 

This new product will be designed with the highest level of detail, made with top quality materials and put to the test by Benedykt & Sylvester themselves! Once the product has Benedkyt & Sylvester’s seal of approval, we know that they will be loved by your children too. 

We take great pride in all of our products and we love what we do. So when the Independent Best Buy names us Best Montessori Subscription Box in the UK, we can’t help but shout it from the rooftops! 

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